The New 674 Security Grille: Security, Visibility, Air-Flow and Light in Stylish Aluminum

Commercial and retail property owners have an attractive new option for securing their interior spaces with the introduction of Overhead Door’s Model 674 Security Grille.

Engineered for inside applications, the Model 674 is a new perforated grille constructed from lightweight aluminum panels that provide security while maximizing visibility, air flow and light infiltration. This makes the Model 674 an ideal solution for securing interior retail storefronts in retail facilities, airports, stadiums, malls and multi-purpose buildings because it provides long-lasting high performance, but in a visually appealing package that won’t detract from its surroundings.


Both inside and out, the Model 674 is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example, its perforated aluminum curtain panels feature a clear, anodized finish or an optional PowderGuard™premium powder coat paint finish to match interior surroundings. Meanwhile, the grille’s counterbalance assembly is composed of heavy duty, helical torsion-springs enclosed in a steel tube. The Model 674 even features continuous wear strips on guides to ensure ease of operation and noise reduction.

You can find more information about the Overhead Door Model 674 Security Grille by visiting the security grilles page on our website, or by visiting your local Overhead Door distributor. Do you have questions about the Model 674? Leave a comment below and we’ll answer them.

Garage Door Safety Month

June, the official start of summer, means more activity around the house. It’s also Garage Door Safety Month. Every June, the International Door Association (IDA) and Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) push safety as a focus for garage door owners. Overhead Door is a member of both organizations and is a proponent of making homeowners aware of garage door safety. That’s because even though using a garage door may seem like second nature to most homeowners, it’s still the largest piece of moving, mechanical equipment in the home, which means there are safety and security issues that need to be kept in mind.

In celebration of Garage Door Safety Month, here are some easy steps to take to ensure your garage door continues to operate safely and efficiently, not just in June, but year-round:

  • Test garage door movement: Whether the garage door is old or new, a checkup is needed to be sure that the door is balanced on its tracks, is able to reverse smoothly, and has no sign of damage, loose cables or worn out functions.
  • Test garage door safety features: Use a basketball or a paper towel roll to test the garage door’s auto stop and reverse function by rolling it under the door while the door is moving. If the garage door is properly functioning, it should immediately stop and reverse when the basketball interrupts the photoelectric safety beams. If not, the door needs to be repaired right away.
  • Educate children on proper garage door function and safety: Curiosity can lead to injury, so explaining and showing how the garage door operates and the safe way to use it can go a long way toward keeping them safe. Also, remember to keep garage door remotes away from small children

Keep your children safe in your garage. Photo from:
Keep your children safe in your garage. Photo from:

  • Learn to use the emergency garage door release feature: Designed to allow you to open your garage door even if your garage door opener stops working, the emergency release can even help save a life if the worst-case scenario occurs. If you are unsure how to use this feature, refer to your owner’s manual.
  • Don’t leave your garage door open: Leaving your garage door wide open, even when you’re at home, is an advertisement for thieves to take inventory of what’s in your garage and come back later. Additionally, leaving your garage door open, even if it’s a small crack, can allow rodents and stray animals to take up residence in your garage.
  • Keep the garage well-lit and organized: A well-lit and organized garage is a safe garage because you won’t be tripping over tools and toys in the dark. Be sure there is a separate light aside from the automatic light that turns on when the door opens and shuts.
  • Make repairs promptly: For many homeowners, the garage door is the most often used entrance to the home, which means it’s important to have your door repaired quickly if anything goes wrong. If you find there are issues with your door, call your local Overhead Door distributor at 1-800-929-DOOR for repairs and inspections, or click here to find the distributor near you.

Do you have tips for Garage Door Safety Month? Leave a reply and let us know.

Thermacore® Collection Expands With New Finishes, Window Options

As the summer heats up and homeowners look for ways to spruce up their homes, some great new options are available at Overhead Door distributors nationwide thanks to an expansion of the Overhead Door Thermacore® Collection.

The Thermacore® Collection  is Overhead Door’s line of premium, insulated-steel garage doors that  are built with a continuous layer of foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel. This construction method, along with in-between section seals, provides maximum thermal efficiency. Properly installed, Thermacore®doors have an R-value of up to 17.5. Thermacore® doors also feature a steel backing for a clean, finished interior appearance.

This spring, Overhead Door expanded the options available to Thermacore® Collection garage doors with the introduction of two new wood grain finishes, two new paint color options and five new window configurations.

For homeowners seeking the look of a wood garage door but without all the maintenance, Thermacore® doors can be purchased with one of two realistic, bi-directional wood grain color finishes – in Walnut or Golden Oak. The Thermacore® line also features nine paint finishes, including recently added Black and Gray, for a clean, classic look that will make a home stand out.

Black Thermacore® Garage Door

Black Thermacore® Garage Door

Thermacore® doors can be further customized with a range of window options. New to the Thermacore® Collection this year are Stockbridge windows in 2-3 and 2-4 configurations, and Stockton windows in 2-4, 2-6 and 2-8 configurations.  Each window option features thinner mullions and less plastic material around the perimeter to provide garages with increased natural light.

New Window Configurations

New Window Configurations

Altogether, these additions make Thermacore® doors a great choice for homeowners looking for a strong, attractive, insulated garage door that will require minimal maintenance.

Is a Thermacore® Collection garage door right for your home? You can find more information by visiting the Thermacore® Collection page on our website, or by visiting your local Overhead Door distributor. Do you have questions about the collection? Leave a comment below and we’ll answer them.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

For the millions of property owners in coastal areas, June marks the time of year when questions and worries about hurricane season start to rise.

Is the season going to be a bad one? Will my insurance rates rise? Is my property prepared?

Unfortunately, the only one of those common questions a property owner can answer for themselves is whether or not their home or business is prepared. That means taking the proper precautions for your family, employees and real estate.

Taking special care to ensure garage doors are sound is particularly wise. That’s because during hurricanes and tropical storms, pressure or high winds can cause doors to collapse or detach from their tracks. If your door fails, damaging, winds can enter your structure, blowing out doors, windows, walls and the roof. Couple this with exterior debris, such as signs, roofing materials and siding, and those inside could be subject to injuries or worse.


Your local Overhead Door Distributor can suggest a wind-resistant garage door that offers the highest level of protection for your situation or geographic region.

Outfitting your home or business with Overhead Door Corporation’s wind load products are ideal severe weather solutions. When you purchase a new wind-resistant residential, commercial or industrial door, you’ll have one less worry during times of high winds from hurricanes or extreme storms.

Our Windstorm™ wind load-rated garage doors, with properly selected wind load options, are tested to provide additional reinforcement in pressure conditions caused by strong winds from extreme weather.  As the homeowner or business owner, it’s important to check with your local building code official for your home or business’ specific wind load requirements and appropriate design pressure (PSF – pounds per square foot) to help in determining the best door option for your home or business’ demands.

Windstorm residential garage doors are reinforced, wind load-rated overhead doors that meet or exceed wind load requirements set by the International Building Code and International Residential Code, the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County, and the Texas Department of Insurance. (Note: While wind load doors are built to provide extra security, you should always follow your city, town or region’s evacuation orders.)

Homeowners can choose from Windstorm doors in the Overhead Door Traditional Steel Collection, Thermacore® Collection, Courtyard Collection®, Carriage House Collection, Durafirm Collection®, Impression Collection®, Modern Aluminum Collection and Signature® Carriage Collection


Overhead Door Thermacore® Model 591

On the commercial and industrial side, there are nearly just as many options. Property owners can choose from our Thermacore® Sectional Doors, Advanced Performance Service Doors, Sectional Steel Doors, Rolling Service Doors and Fire Rated Doors.

For questions about residential or commercial door options, or to upgrade your existing commercial or industrial door to a wind load compliant door system, contact your local Overhead Door distributor. Overhead Door distributors will help you find the wind-resistant door that will offer the highest level of protection for your situation or geographic location.

How do you prepare for hurricane season? Leave a comment below with your tips.

Overhead Door on the Silver Screen

Red Ribbon distributors will get an extra dose of publicity this spring thanks to a new movie opening in theaters on Wednesday, April 16. The film from Sony Pictures Entertainment “Heaven is for Real” features an Overhead Door distributor as one of its main characters.

If you haven’t heard about the movie, it’s based on the best-selling book of the same name. “Heaven is for Real” brings to the screen the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world.  The film stars Academy Award® nominee and Emmy® award winning actor Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo, who works as an Overhead Door distributor in the film.



Movie Artwork and Photography © 2014 CTMG. All Rights Reserved

About a year ago, producers for the movie approached Overhead Door looking for materials they could use in the filming and we were happy to oblige. Throughout the movie, the Todd Burpo character drives a work truck with an Overhead Door logo and wears shirts with the logo as well. It’s a great opportunity for us to get our industry-leading brand greater recognition, and it will pay dividends well into the future when the movie eventually runs in syndication on television.

To celebrate Overhead Door’s involvement in the movie, Overhead Door Corporation is hosting an advance screening of the movie for our Dallas-based employees on April 15, the night before the movie hits theaters nationwide.

For more information about “Heaven is for Real,” including a trailer, synopsis and stills from the movie, visit the Overhead Door Facebook page, or click here:

Are you planning to see the movie? Leave a comment and let us know.

About Heaven is for Real: The film stars Academy Award® nominee and Emmy® award winning actor Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo and co-stars Kelly Reilly as Sonja Burpo, the real-life couple whose son Colton (newcomer Connor Corum) claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience.  Colton recounts the details of his amazing journey with childlike innocence and speaks matter-of-factly about things that happened before his birth … things he couldn’t possibly know.  Todd and his family are then challenged to examine the meaning from this remarkable event.   The film will be in theaters on Wednesday, April 16.

Let Architect’s Corner Help You Through a Busy Commercial Construction Season


Good news for building professionals – in much of the country the ground is thawing and the snow is melting, which means the 2014 building season is right around the corner. For commercial and industrial building professionals there is even more good news, as recent estimates point to a much stronger non-residential construction season in 2014 and 2015 compared to 2013.

According to the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Consensus Construction Forecast, all non-residential construction is expected to increase by more than 5 percent in 2014 compared to 2013 and increase by 8 percent in 2015. Meanwhile, the December report estimates that commercial construction activity will increase by more than 10 percent in both 2014 and 2015.

For the architect or project specifier who focuses on commercial construction, a busier year ahead means there is a need to find ways to optimize time to be as productive and profitable as possible. To make this goal achievable, The Architect’s Corner on is set up to speed architects through the commercial specifying process.

With The Architect’s Corner, Overhead Door Corporation has put all its resources for building professionals into one, easy-to-access location. It includes everything needed for planning and preparation, from technical and resource materials to downloadable project specs, architect drawings, compatible opener and operator lists, BIM project libraries and product brochures.


For architects who specialize in commercial and industrial applications, our Online Architects Design Manual is an ideal resource; especially if they are unsure which Overhead Door collection meets their demands. By simply clicking on the design manual’s application button, a series of simple questions guides the user to the best door for their project, whether it’s a retail space, manufacturing facility, warehouse facility, hospital … you name it.


The Design Manual also lets users search based on a table of contents or by a menu of door and operator types. Meanwhile, a ‘Resources’ button brings up downloadable viewers to access product documents and drawings. The Resources button also allows users to find a distributor, send us an email or even request an AIA-certified continuing education course session to be held at your offices.

Like what you’ve read? Take The Architect’s Corner for spin and see how easy it is to spec a commercial construction project today. And if you’ve used The Architect’s Corner recently, leave a comment below to tell us what you think.

Falling in Love Again, With Your Garage

Do you remember your first love? Not being able to sleep, not being able to work, all because you couldn’t stop thinking about that one special … house?

Chances are the garage was not the part of the property that made your heart skip. While you may have liked the space, you probably had to overlook the garage door’s peeling paint and the (very) loud garage door opener. Looking past faults in a relationship is necessary, but at some point, progress needs to be made. Some of your friends might tell you to move on, but we’re here to tell you – you can work things out, it just takes a little professional help from your local Overhead Door distributor. Let them advise you on the three-step process to garage relationship bliss.

Step 1: Visualize your future.

Overhead Door can help you see past your garage’s current shortcomings to what could be. By visiting the Overhead Door DoorView® Design Center, you can upload a photo of your home and experiment with a variety of garage doors to find the one that works best for your house style. Don’t have a photo to upload? No problem. The DoorView® Design Center includes pre-loaded photos of common home styles so that you can get a sense for what works for you and your garage.

Step 2: Open up

While the beauty of a new garage door is important, what’s inside counts too. With a new Overhead Door® garage door opener, you can be sure that, many Valentine’s Days from now, your garage door will still be operating smoothly, efficiently, quietly and safely. You can choose from chain-, belt- or screw-drive openers, all offering advanced safety and convenience features.

Step 3: Celebrate your progress


The hard work that you’ve put in to your garage relationship should be rewarded. Treat yourself with an Overhead Door® accessory that will give you additional convenience and peace of mind, like the Overhead Door® Advanced Wall Console or the Overhead Door® Battery Back Up.

The Overhead Door® Advanced Wall Console monitors the performance of up to three Odyssey® and Destiny® garage door openers while giving homeowners control of door operation, access security, and lighting features. It features an easy-to-use, backlit LCD touch screen and a feature that disables remote and keypad operation for increased security.

The Overhead Door® Battery Back-Up provides reliable garage door operation even when there is a power outage. Compatible with Destiny® and Odyssey® garage door openers, the Battery Back-up reaches a full charge in 48 hours and provides power for up to 50 open-and-close cycles after a power outage.

This Valentine’s Day, let your local Overhead Door distributor help you fall in love again with your garage.

Has an Overhead Door distributor helped you fall back in love with your garage? Let us know by leaving a comment.