Overhead Door is A Sponsor of America’s First Home Showcase Theme Park

mainstreet america A brand new theme park recently opened, and instead of taking a spin on the fastest and tallest rides, visitors can stroll through twelve gorgeous homes with the latest in building products and home décor; it’s called MainStreet America®.

What makes this theme park special to Overhead Door is that six of the twelve houses feature Overhead Door garage doors and openers. The park, located in Houston, is the nation’s first and only year-round showcase of homes. The one-of-a-kind theme park is designed to inspire homeowners who are looking to upgrade or renovate and give them the resources to get started.

The showcase houses at MainStreet America® range in size from approximately 1,800 to more than 6,000 square feet and represent various styles and architecture found in and around America, from Greek revival and modern, to traditional brick and craftsman. With the broad range of styles, visitors to the park will have the opportunity to see how a carefully selected Overhead Door garage door, from modern aluminum to traditional wood to carriage house steel doors, can complement any style of home. 

Once inside the garage, visitors will have the opportunity try out some of the industry’s most advanced garage door openers like the Overhead Door Destiny® 1200 and the Odyssey® 1000. Both deliver powerful, fast, quiet performance while featuring bright lighting and optional accessories like the Door Report remote that assures homeowners that the garage door has closed.

In addition to touring MainStreet America’s 12 showcase homes, visitors will be able to observe products (like garage doors and openers) in a working environment; take part in cooking demonstrations; consult with interior designers and architects; and participate in family-friendly activities. Those who like what they see can begin planning a home project onsite by creating virtual product lists, shopping at the onsite retail stores, and even meeting with a contractor.

MainStreet America® will officially open to the public on Feb. 9, 2013. Those who want to see what the park has to offer, will also be able to view the 12 homes online in order to get the latest ideas in home fashion, fine home products, interior design and curb appeal upgrades.

Head over to MainStreetAmerica.com to see the beautiful homes, and let us know what you think. Is a visit to the unique theme park in your future?


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