The Top Five Reasons Why People Love Overhead Door

February, the month of love, is officially upon us. While many people are dreaming Love-heart-cookie-italiancookieabout chocolate and flowers, here at Overhead Door, we’re dreaming about snow and how great our garage doors look framed by a winter landscape. Do you love your Overhead Door garage door? We don’t blame you. Here are the top five reasons why people love our doors, openers and accessories.

1. An Overhead Door enhances your curb appeal. Many people focus on a home’s front door when evaluating curb appeal, but at nearly five times larger than a front door, garage doors stand out significantly from the street view. If you’re looking to add more curb appeal to your home, an Overhead Door garage door is the best way to make a big visual impact with a strong return on your investment.

2. An Overhead Door fits the style of your home. With nine residential collections, Overhead Door has a garage door to fit every house design, no matter how unique. Whether you prefer traditional wood, modern aluminum or carriage style, there is an Overhead Door collection that matches your home’s individuality.

3. Overhead Door garage doors and openers are safe and reliable. Garage doors are the largest moving objects in the home, and most people use theirs daily. We know how important it is to make sure you have a product you can rely on that will keep your family safe. To help with that, Overhead Door garage door openers include features like the Safe-T-Beam® System for increased safety and CodeDodger® Access Security System for improved home security.

4. Overhead Door garage doors are loved by both men and women.  Often, people think remodeling and home projects are a man’s domain – but not at Overhead Door. Our female consumers are some of our most loyal fans! The voice of the female consumer, WomenCertified®, recently awarded Overhead Door the 2012 Women’s Choice Award in the Garage Door Category.

5. Overhead Door garage doors may help to keep your home warm.  Winter months often mean high heating bills. A properly insulated Overhead Door garage door contributes to keeping your garage better insulated, which may also mean a warmer house and reduced energy costs. Cozy up in your house with the ones you love during the cold days of February.

To learn more about why people love their Overhead Door garage doors, openers and accessories, check us out online at, or contact your local Overhead Door distributor. Leave a reply, or head over to our Facebook page to tell us why you love your Overhead Door garage door.


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