Get Your Garage Prepared for Spring

O-RD-Carriage-House1Preparing Your Garage for Spring

With the start of spring just days away, there’s no better time than now to begin checking off your spring-cleaning list. During winter months, the garage often becomes the catchall for everything from lawn and garden equipment to holiday decorations. As the weather warms, give your garage the attention it deserves. Here are a few garage organization and garage door maintenance tips to get you started this spring:

Getting Organized

Some of you may love everything about the organizing process – the sorting, the discovery of long-lost possessions and the purging of those things you no longer need. For others, the organization process is a daunting task.

If you’re dreading the task, the best best way to get started may be to empty out the garage and sort everything into designated areas. Make lists of the items that you’d like to keep, and note where in your garage you plan to store these items – this might include a storage bin, a workbench or a wall hook.

Once you’ve got your plan in place, it’s time to give your garage the white-glove treatment. Clean your garage’s cement floor with an old mop or broom; wipe down garage walls and clear cobwebs from garage lights, corners and ceilings. You may also want to use a cleaning solution to remove any stains or oil spots that have appeared on your floor during winter months.

Don’t Forget the Door

After months of snow, wind and freezing temperatures, your garage door may not be in the same condition it was in this time last year. While Overhead Door garage door systems are built for long-lasting performance and daily use, we recommend inspecting your garage door annually. Your Overhead Door Distributor can give you a thorough evaluation and perform routine maintenance, as needed.

Your local Overhead Door Distributor will be able to spot any mechanical issues, but there are still a few things that you can do to prepare for the upcoming spring inspection. Here’s a quick checklist:

  1. Check all the moving components of the door mechanism to make sure that none are bent or broken
  2. Use a soft cloth and household detergent to remove any rust, dirt or residue from your garage door
  3. Carefully examine and make note of any cracks or gaps that have appeared during winter months
  4. Check the weather seal at the bottom of your door. If broken, your Overhead Door Distributor will be able to help you find the best replacement for your door

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to get started! If you think you’ve got the cleanest garage on the block, leave a comment to tell us your spring-cleaning secrets. To schedule an annual maintenance inspection, contact a local Overhead Door distributor.


4 thoughts on “Get Your Garage Prepared for Spring

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  2. Great! I like your information very much. Yes you said well here is that everyone’s needed Garage for their homes. So that Owner needs to know about Garage Door repair and installation. You have given great tips about it. I enjoyed your blog and learn new something about Garage Door Repair. Keep sharing new updated with us.

  3. For some of us getting our garage ready for spring means getting ready for hurricane season. So what could I do to make sure my garage is secure as possible against strong winds?


      For parts of the United States, hurricane preparedness might just as well join death and taxes as one of those inescapable burdens. The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30, with most of the action occurring in August through October, and especially in early to mid-September.
      The Northeast Pacific hurricane season starts and ends a couple of weeks earlier, with late August and early September experiencing the greatest number of storms.
      As the largest point of entry, your garage door offers the largest opportunity for high-pressure destruction. That’s why when high winds hit, a reinforced garage door is one of your home’s – and your family’s – most important safeguards against nature’s fury.
      Look for a manufacturer’s sticker on the inside of your door to identify the Wind Design Pressure rating. Check with your local code enforcement office to verify that your door has the correct rating for your location and structure. You may need to replace the existing door with a new, hurricane-resistant garage door. Contact a few local garage door professionals for recommendations and prices. Additional wind load options that meet impact/cyclic tests required for insurance, may qualify the homeowner for insurance discounts.
      With hurricane preparedness done in advance, you can ride out a storm worrying about the safety of your family rather than all of the uncompleted items on your To Do list.

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