What’s new at Overhead Door: Stormtite™ AP Model 627 Insulated Rolling Steel Door

We talk a lot about our residential garage door collections, but did you know that we also have a complete line of commercial doors to meet the needs of businesses and industrial applications? Built to withstand the daily wear and tear of owning and operating a business, our commercial products include advanced performance, sectional steel, rolling steel and fire-rated doors.  Our commercial door systems are available insulated and non-insulated to accommodate both internal and external applications.

In an effort to offer the most advanced and innovative products for commercial facility and business managers, we are excited to add the Stormtite AP Model 627 to our line of rolling steel service doors.

The Stormtite AP offers commercial and industrial facility owners the most advanced thermal performance values published by any major U.S. manufacturer of insulated rolling steel doors. The new door system is the first with a published, tested U-factor** rating and features the highest calculated R-value* for added thermal resistance. Additionally, the Model 627 door minimizes air transfer, reduces operating costs and surpasses International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements.

The following images compare the Stormtite AP to a standard rolling steel door. The presence of blues and greens and minimization of reds and oranges in the Stormtite image illustrates improved thermal resistance as a result of added insulation. The door system provides unmatched thermal performance values for a rolling steel door with an R-value of 10.9, a U-value of 0.09 and a tested installed U-factor of 0.84.

Stormtite heat

Stormtite AP Model 627             Standard rolling steel door

In addition to high thermal resistance, the 627 also delivers 20 psf (design pressure) of wind load protection, equivalent to approximately 90-110 mph wind speed, and can be built to accommodate higher wind loading upon request.

Interested in learning more about Stormtite AP Model 627 insulated rolling doors?  Find additional information at http://www.overheaddoor.com/commercial-doors/Pages/rolling-steel-doors.aspx or contact your local Overhead Door distributor.

* R-value is a measure of thermal efficiency. The higher the R-value the greater the insulating properties of the door. Overhead Door Corporation uses a calculated door curtain R-value for our insulated doors.

**Tested U-factor is a tested value of actual energy loss – whether heat or cold – of an installed door, wall, or window assembly. The lower the number the lower the energy loss and therefore the better the thermal performance. U-factor will vary between 0.66 and 1.00 depending on finish and color selection. For best U-factor, choose finish and color with high solar reflectance (bright colors).


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