Top Three Residential Garage Door Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends in home building and curb appeal is one of our mostO-RD-Carriage-House1- small important jobs. We want to ensure that the garage doors we craft and sell are going to make an impact on the overall look of your home and bring you as much value as possible if you ever decide to sell your home.

That’s why we continue to develop new residential options to our garage door, garage door opener and accessory lines. Several of our latest additions are based on top homeowner needs. The first is the Battery Back-up garage door opener accessory, which keeps your garage door operating during a power outage. We’ve also enhanced our Durafirm Collection®, Thermacore Collection® and Traditional Steel lines to include panel options and window inserts that meet the demands of today’s homeowners, complement a home’s architecture and increase curb appeal.

With more homeowners taking an interest in how their garage doors add to the look of their homes, we asked three of our Ribbon Distributors to weigh-in on today’s top trends. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Research First: “Homeowners are using the Internet more and doing research on garage doors before they contact us,” said Chris Shaner of Overhead Door door-viewCompany of Charlottesville. “The DoorViewDesign Center has been very popular among my customers because it gives them the option to see how two, three or even four different doors look on their home before making a purchase.”

2. Carriage House: “My customers are looking for the most affordable door possible in the carriage house design,” said Jeff Ross from Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas.  “I sell a lot of the Traditional Steel line, because in addition to carriage house-style doors, homeowners in south central Texas want something non-insulated or vinyl-back insulated.”

3. Low  Maintenance: “While carriage house-style doors have been the trend for the past few years, what I’m beginning to see, regardless of style, is a need for a new door with low-to-no maintenance after install,” said Greg Mott of Overhead Door of Kansas City. “Homeowners are busy and technology has improved, so we have plenty to offer that fits this need.”

No matter the trend, we work hard to ensure it’s meeting customer demands. From keeping our site up-to-date with the latest information to carrying the latest styles and low-maintenance options, we want to be the garage door company that homeowners prefer.

What garage door trends are most important to you?  Leave a reply and let us know.


6 thoughts on “Top Three Residential Garage Door Trends

  1. The door trend we see in the Palm Springs, CA area is for Mid Century Modern which our Modern Aluminum Collection offers.We sell a lot to clients who are doing full renovations of the older properties. Clean lines are the design trend for this area the Thermacore Flush panel is also an option that has been requested by the builders.

    • I agree; the sleek lines found in our Modern Aluminum Collection are very popular in southern California. This is no surprise because the state is filled with homes designed by some of greatest contemporary architects in the world. I am confident this trend will continue to spread across the country as more cities experience urban revitalization and industrial design continues to gain popularity. Thanks for your input.

  2. We see carriage style garage doors becoming more and more popular as well. The fact is that today, there are so many garage door styles available that practically everyone can find something that suits their taste and their budget.

  3. Thanks for the comment. You are correct garage door designs have really come a long way. They are no longer a one size fits all product. Today, we offer products that suit both modern and traditional tastes..

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