National Fire Prevention Month

October isn’t just a month for Halloween, football and postseason baseball; it’s also National Fire Prevention Month. For many businesses, that means evaluating fire safety measures and the fire prevention equipment their operations need.

Fire doors are an important (and often mandatory) aspect in the fire prevention plans for commercial and industrial properties – and for good reason. Fire doors are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or alarmed event, allowing extra time for building occupants to get to safety. Overhead Door Corporation provides fire doors that have undergone UL or FM approvals. Below are just some of the fire doors Overhead Door offers for a variety of applications.


The FireKing® Model 635 is a fire-rated, insulated rolling service door that offers the triple benefits of insulation, fire protection and sound attenuation. This model eliminates the need for separate fire and insulated doors. It also offers up to a four-hour rating on masonry, concrete and steel walls, and up to a three-hour rating on non-masonry walls to satisfy a variety of applications.

If your business requires a listed rolling service fire door, the FireKing® Model 630 is an option that is also customizable for conveyer openings. This fire-rated rolling service door features a floor reset system, which allows it to be drop-tested and mechanically reset at any time without requiring special tools.

Do you require a fire-rated counter door? This type of fire door (right and below right) is designed to expand upward in a fire, allowing the guides to be installed flush with the sill. The fire rated counter door Model 640 (right) features a compact, box-like form that requires minimum side room while providing an attractive, finished appearance.


The fire rated counter door Model 660 (right) is an integral-frame, fire-rated counter door that can work for a number of applications, including food service counters. These doors are factory assembled as a complete unit with fully welded frames. Added protection features are also available for even more security.

For more information on fire doors, contact your local Overhead Door distributor who can help you find the fire door that best fits the safety standards and needs of your business.


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