Preparing for Hurricane Season

For the millions of property owners in coastal areas, June marks the time of year when questions and worries about hurricane season start to rise.

Is the season going to be a bad one? Will my insurance rates rise? Is my property prepared?

Unfortunately, the only one of those common questions a property owner can answer for themselves is whether or not their home or business is prepared. That means taking the proper precautions for your family, employees and real estate.

Taking special care to ensure garage doors are sound is particularly wise. That’s because during hurricanes and tropical storms, pressure or high winds can cause doors to collapse or detach from their tracks. If your door fails, damaging, winds can enter your structure, blowing out doors, windows, walls and the roof. Couple this with exterior debris, such as signs, roofing materials and siding, and those inside could be subject to injuries or worse.


Your local Overhead Door Distributor can suggest a wind-resistant garage door that offers the highest level of protection for your situation or geographic region.

Outfitting your home or business with Overhead Door Corporation’s wind load products are ideal severe weather solutions. When you purchase a new wind-resistant residential, commercial or industrial door, you’ll have one less worry during times of high winds from hurricanes or extreme storms.

Our Windstorm™ wind load-rated garage doors, with properly selected wind load options, are tested to provide additional reinforcement in pressure conditions caused by strong winds from extreme weather.  As the homeowner or business owner, it’s important to check with your local building code official for your home or business’ specific wind load requirements and appropriate design pressure (PSF – pounds per square foot) to help in determining the best door option for your home or business’ demands.

Windstorm residential garage doors are reinforced, wind load-rated overhead doors that meet or exceed wind load requirements set by the International Building Code and International Residential Code, the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County, and the Texas Department of Insurance. (Note: While wind load doors are built to provide extra security, you should always follow your city, town or region’s evacuation orders.)

Homeowners can choose from Windstorm doors in the Overhead Door Traditional Steel Collection, Thermacore® Collection, Courtyard Collection®, Carriage House Collection, Durafirm Collection®, Impression Collection®, Modern Aluminum Collection and Signature® Carriage Collection


Overhead Door Thermacore® Model 591

On the commercial and industrial side, there are nearly just as many options. Property owners can choose from our Thermacore® Sectional Doors, Advanced Performance Service Doors, Sectional Steel Doors, Rolling Service Doors and Fire Rated Doors.

For questions about residential or commercial door options, or to upgrade your existing commercial or industrial door to a wind load compliant door system, contact your local Overhead Door distributor. Overhead Door distributors will help you find the wind-resistant door that will offer the highest level of protection for your situation or geographic location.

How do you prepare for hurricane season? Leave a comment below with your tips.


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