Overhead Door Races into Pole Position in the Grand Prix of Houston

The garage. The home for your car. Could you imagine if this car was tucked away safely in yours?


Overhead Door is proud to have been a part of Team Penske in the IndyCar Series on June 28 and 29 where driver Helio Castroneves had a big weekend in the two races of the Grand Prix of Houston.

Castroneves, originally from Brazil, has become a celebrity in the racing community and is in the middle of his 15th IndyCar season with Team Penske.


Overhead Door received great brand exposure with the placement of our recognizable ribbon logo on two locations of the No. 3 Shell-V-Power Pennzoil-Ultra, Hitachi, and AAA/Automobile Club of Southern California Indy car. If you watched Race 1 and Race 2 over that weekend, you probably saw the logo as Castroneves zoomed by the cameras.  Every time the car stopped in the pit, Overhead Door was captured on TV, with the logo being strategically placed on the left side and right side of the front wing.


In Race 1, Castroneves finished in  9th place, which allowed him to start in the pole position for Race 2.  During Race 2, he held the lead for 47 straight laps until he unfortunately crashed, taking him out of the race..

Fun Fact: Helio’s garage boasts a Chevy Tahoe; the 2001 Indianapolis 500 Pace Vehicle Oldsmobile Bravada; a 50th Anniversary Special Edition Chevrolet Corvette, which he received for winning the 2002 Indianapolis 500, and his latest addition — a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.

What’s in your garage? Tell us in the comment section!


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