New Overhead Door Products Offer Coastal Homeowners Beauty and Strength

Damage from hurricanes and tropical storms is a constant threat for homeowners in coastal and high-wind regions. For those who live in areas subject to Atlantic hurricanes, the risk is often even greater. Homeowners sometimes need to choose products for their properties that offer protection, but not necessarily the attractiveness they would like.

Luckily, coastal region homeowners no longer have to compromise beauty for strength when choosing a garage door. New Overhead Door residential wind load options let homeowners choose high style while still keeping their homes up to code.

Overhead Door’s three new comprehensive wind load garage doors feature superior craftsmanship, durability and additional protection against hurricanes, high-wind damages, pressure changes and wind-borne debris. These garage doors are designed to meet the nation’s strictest building codes, including those in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where high winds and hurricanes are commonplace.

Overhead Door Courtyard Collection® 7565, Model 920 in Almond/White finish

Overhead Door Courtyard Collection® 7565, Model 920 in Almond/White finish

While each garage door is designed to add beauty and enhance a home’s curb appeal, it is also designed to act as an important safeguard for residential structures. That’s because during high wind events, debris can become powerful projectiles that can damage the garage door, reducing the door’s ability to protect the home against damaging winds. Garage doors without reinforcement can buckle under the pressure, giving the high winds access to the interior of the structure. This often results in the roof members and wall panels being blown apart, allowing rain, wind and debris to have easy access inside.

Overhead Door Thermacore® Collection 5745, Model 903 in Golden Oak

Overhead Door Thermacore® Collection 5745, Model 903 in Golden Oak

Residents located in an area prone to high winds can count on WindStorm doors, ordered with proper wind load options, to provide reliable protection against high wind damage without sacrificing fine craftsmanship, durability and style. The Overhead Door Thermacore® 5745 and 5765 series and Courtyard Collection® 7565 series garage doors are foamed-in-place, steel and polyurethane constructed doors that come in a range of panel styles and carriage house designs. The garage doors feature a minimum wind load with optional upgrades that meet or exceed coastal region building codes, including the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), Florida Building Code (FBC), Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and Miami-Dade County building code.

For more information on Overhead Door’s new residential wind load rated garage doors, or to find an Overhead Door distributor, visit, like Overhead Door on  Facebook, follow Overhead Door on Twitter or find us on Google Plus.

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