Overhead Door Turns Old Into New in Ithaca, NY

Just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy, Overhead Door assisted in transforming a bay of loading garages in Ithaca, New York, into an aesthetically pleasing retail space. What was previously a drab alley of loading garages is now a bustling retail space in Press Bay Alley.

Photo courtesy of Ithaca Builds.

Photo courtesy of Ithaca Builds.

This eye-catching retail space houses Boxy Bikes, which sells custom electric bikes, and Amuse: Modern Cottage Industry, which features handmade crafts and interesting local finds. The entire transformation was followed by Ithaca Builds, a site that provides information and updates about projects and development in the Ithaca area.

The transformation began with the demolition and gutting of the Press Bay Alley structure, and then the building was slowly added to piece by piece. Overhead Door supplied aluminum sectional doors, in keeping with the key design components of the remodel and vision of the designer. The Press Bay Alley project was completed as a collective effort by John Guttridge and David Kuckuck of Urban Core, LLC, John and Claudia Brenner Architects, Accufab, McPherson Builders, and RG Builders, along with others.

Photo courtesy of Ithaca Builds.

Photo courtesy of Ithaca Builds.

Updating a commercial space can be as simple as adding a new garage or loading door, and can increase the visual appeal of your business instantly. Have you updated a business’s commercial space recently with a new door or participated in a commercial transformation in your local community? Let us know and share pictures with us!

To learn more about upcoming projects in Ithaca and about Ithaca Builds, visit http://ithacabuilds.com/.

For more information on Overhead Door, or to find an Overhead Door distributor, visit www.OverheadDoor.com, like Overhead Door on Facebook, follow Overhead Door on Twitter or find us on Google Plus.


4 thoughts on “Overhead Door Turns Old Into New in Ithaca, NY

  1. That’s a pretty drastic difference. One of the biggest giveaways on an old structure is an old garage door. You can see from the before picture that it really didn’t look that great. The finished renovation really draws you in and looks great. After looking at this, I’m wondering if my uncle’s business could benefit from an upgrade like this. Thanks for the article!

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