Overhead Door Distributor Teams Up With Local Realtor to Help a Veteran

A real estate agent in Delhi Township, Ohio noticed that a home that was next door to one that she was trying to sell was in need of some upgrades. After learning that the owner of the home, Albert Garbett, is a Vietnam veteran who lost his leg in the war, she and a co-worker got busy contacting local businesses to see if they could help.

Naturally, one of our distributors, Overhead Door Company in Northern Kentucky, sprang into action.

Known for its top-notch garage door replacement throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Overhead Door Company donated their time and resources to replace the old garage doors on Garbett’s home. The distributor worked alongside landscapers, contractors, neighbors and local business people to rehab the outside of Garbett’s home.

Although Garbett admitted that it was not easy to ask for help, he told the local television station that he gave the local business people his blessing to help improve the exterior of his home.

The many customers who have worked with Overhead Door Company over the years were probably not surprised to learn about their generous donation. Since the second generation family owned company opened almost seven decades ago, they have strived to offer not only top quality products and services, but also help others as often as they can.

“Not only did we grow up in this area but our parents and now our kids are growing up in this area. Our community has supported us for all this time and if someone asks for our help we try to do what we can to help,” said Dave Willmes with Overhead Door Company.

Check out these before and after pictures of Mr. Garbett’s garage:


Has your Overhead Door distributor helped out the local community? We’d love to hear your stories. Comment and let us know!

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6 thoughts on “Overhead Door Distributor Teams Up With Local Realtor to Help a Veteran

  1. That was very generous of that real estate agent to redo the garage door of that veteran. I wonder how they were able to find the exact same size to fit into that space. In all, you guys did great installing the garage door and making the guy feel better. http://www.calgaryoverhead.ca

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