Meet the Cameron Brothers of OHD Northwest Indiana

Tomorrow is Brothers & Sisters day. We’ve always felt like our Overhead Door distributors are like family, but did you know that many of them got their start because their parents, grandparents or another relative were also in the business? Case in point, meet the Cameron brothers, Jim and Tom. Jim is the president and CEO of Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana and Tom is the general manager. We caught up with Jim in between jobs to ask him a little bit about what it is like to work in a family business.

cameron brothersThe Cameron brothers, Tom (left) and Jim!

Q: How did you and your brother get involved with Overhead Door?

A: My grandpa and his family immigrated to the United States back in the 1940s and my grandpa learned how to build garages in a day. Our dad got into the garage building business with my grandpa for years and then decided to go into the garage door business in the 70s. My brother and I would go and work in the warehouse during the summers and learned the garage door business from the ground up. We have been working full-time in the garage door industry since 1985.

In 2004 we had the opportunity to purchase the Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana distributorship. It was a great decision and things are really going well.

Q: What is your role as President/CEO? And what is Tom’s role as General Manager?

A: My role in the company is to run the financial side, develop the vision, the strategies, pricing, recruiting, and goal setting.

Tom’s role is to coach and lead the team day-to-day. He is in charge of the operations side of the company and the sales side of the company.

Q: What do you like most about working with your brother? The least?

A: What I like most about working with my brother is his passion for our business, his honesty, integrity and strong leadership skills. He is liked and respected by all of our employees.

I’d say we still have your typical sibling rivalries, but all in all, we get along really well and balance each other out.

Q: What would you like readers of the Overhead Door Chronicles to know about Overhead Door?

A: What I would like people to know about Overhead Door is that my brother and I have had the opportunity over the years to sell many different manufacturers but none as good as the Overhead Door brand products. We truly believe that partnering with Overhead Door, along with our employees are the reasons we are successful company.

Eagle Award

Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana was the recipient of the 2014 Eagle Award!

Happy Brothers and Sisters Day! Do you work with your sibling? Comment below and tell us!

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4 thoughts on “Meet the Cameron Brothers of OHD Northwest Indiana

  1. Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas, has 2 brothers (Mike Ross and Danny Ross) working in their Dad (Jeff Ross) and Moms( Lauri Ross) OHD Company, along with their Daughter-in-law (Erica Ross) a true family business!.The siblings happen to be our Nephews, we own Overhead Door Company of The Desert in which Tom Ross the owner is brothers with Jeff Ross,

    • Overhead Door of northwest Indiana is similar. (The above story)My brother Jim and I have other family members that are key players on our team. I regret that my sister in law Ellen Cameron , my nephew Jimmy Cameron, my nephew Dustin green, and My sister Bettyjo Norris who are A HUGE part of our success are not mentioned in the above article. It’s very cool to hear about other
      “true family businesses”

  2. OHD Gillette’s commercial crew is ran by Kayce, and his sister runs the residential crew and also trains new hires. Often times they get put together on bigger jobs and do a great job. The company is owned by their mother and late father. Their other two uncles own and manage another OHD 200 miles away. It was always been a family business and will remain that way.

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