Garage Security You Can Be Thankful For

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends. While preparing for parties and rushing out to find the perfect gift can take up most of your time, it’s important to keep the safety of your home or business top of mind during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

The holiday season is unfortunately a peak time for criminal activity. Many of these burglaries occur on the home’s first floor and one of the most vulnerable entry points, if not properly secured, is through the garage door. The first precaution in making sure your garage isn’t an easy target is removing or hiding all garage door opening devices from your vehicles. If a burglar breaks into your car and finds the opener remote, the security of your home could be compromised. If you’re headed over the river and through the woods this holiday, Overhead Door’s Wall Console and Advanced Wall Console provides additional security for homeowners by giving them more control over their garage door. The consoles feature Sure-Lock™, which disables the remote’s access to the garage when away for extended periods of time.

Wall Console Series 2 and Advanced Wall Console

If you have key access to your home, another precaution to prevent a break-in is to deadbolt the door from your garage to your home. You can also implement the slide lock on the inside of your garage door. By utilizing this feature, homeowners can render it nearly impossible for an unwelcome guest to use a coat hanger or other security breaching device to unlatch the safety mechanism and manually lift the garage door. These inside slide locks have the ability to be padlocked as well.

For businesses, the holidays are often one of, if not the busiest shopping times of year. Our newest commercial door model, the Allura™ Shutter, has side bolts that are compatible for use with padlocks and also features an optional cylinder lock for increased security for commercial and retail facilities.

Security Blog. O-CD-Allura-bronze

Model 653 Allura™ Shutter

Have peace of mind that your garage door will also be able to withstand Old Man Winter while you are away. If you live where temperatures can reach sub-zero or you can annually expect 4-6 feet of snow, a quality garage door can keep your home and garage safe as well as provide added thermal efficiency. Our Thermacore® insulated garage doors provide maximum protection from the elements with a bottom weather seal and polyurethane insulation.

modern stucco house with green lawn

Thermacore® Collection Flush Panel

Finally, make sure your garage is secure by keeping an eye on its mechanical parts for corrosion or malfunction. While it may seem like common sense, this measure is often overlooked in the busy life of a homeowner, and, if not monitored regularly, can pose a threat to the security of your home.

We hope these tips allow you peace-of-mind this holiday season so you can focus on spending time with your loved ones. We’re thankful for YOU! Happy Holidays from everyone at Overhead Door!

What tips do you have to keep your garage secure during the holidays? Comment below and we’ll share your tips on social media.

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Garage Maintenance in the Fall that Will Save You Headaches in the Winter

With cold weather approaching, fall is the perfect time to discuss an important subject – garage door maintenance. Preparing for inclement weather and freezing temperatures is just as important for the garage and garage door operating system as it is for the rest of the home. Taking preventative steps now before problems arise, and while the weather is still tolerable, can save you time, money and the headache of larger issues down the road.

Below are three maintenance tips for prepping your garage this fall.

Fall Weather

1. Organize

  • Clear out and organize the contents of the garage. This is an excellent time to check for concrete damage, mold or any other issues.
  • Remove any summertime items that are no longer in use, as well as anything that could be damaged by cold or freezing temperatures.
  • Empty unused fuel from gas-powered equipment stored in the garage.
  • Make necessary winter items like snow shovels and blowers more easily accessible.

2. Insulate

  • Cover or insulate any exposed pipes in the garage to protect them from bursting during cold or below-freezing temperatures.
  • Check the seals and weather stripping around your garage door to help keep cold air out of the garage and prevent water and moisture from entering. Over time, bad weather stripping can also lead to mold, rot or insect infestation.
  • Consider investing in an insulated garage door. Insulated doors can help improve the thermal efficiency of your garage space and block unwanted street noise from entering living areas that adjoin the garage. Not only that, insulated doors are quieter and stronger than their non-insulated counterparts.

3. Take Precautionary Action

  • Inspect the operating system for bent or loose hinges, along with broken wheels or worn-out bearings. These should be serviced by a professional.
  • Wash the garage door. This not only keeps it looking great, but it also increases its lifespan by removing dirt and debris that can affect operation.

By taking a few proactive steps this fall, you will be prepared for whatever winter brings. If you do need a professional to service your garage door or operating system, here is a list of Overhead Door Distributors.

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Overhead Door’s New Allura™ Shutter is Here

The Allura™ Shutter is Overhead Door’s newest addition to its commercial line of rolling doors. An attractive alternative to rolling grilles and service doors, Model 653 is perfect for high-traffic pedestrian areas where security and versatility are at a premium.

O-CD-Allura4 O-CD-Allura-bronze

Allura™ Shutter Model 653 

The Model 653 Allura™ Shutter offers flexibility in aesthetic options to match the surrounding environment of almost any location, providing the security and high visibility that many retailers require. This shutter is a new light-duty door solution versatile enough for specialty use, and it offers a space-saving design, making it perfect for installations with limited side room and headroom.

The Allura™ Shutter is available in 197 powder coat colors and several wood grain finishes, offering an appealing look for any commercial application. The Allura™ Shutter also allows for many configurations with the right amount of light and air passage.

The aluminum design of this system provides durability for both interior and non-windload exterior use and functions quietly and smoothly no matter if your shutters are operated manually, with a crank or motorized.

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Overhead Door Trusted on Mount Washington to Handle “Worst Weather in the World”


                     Mount Washington Observatory, Mount Washington State Park, NH                    Credit: Karl Swenson/Mount Washington Observatory Photo

Mount Washington Observatory near North Conway, New Hampshire is a world-class research laboratory for observing and monitoring weather conditions. The observatory is well known in part due to its unique location at the heart of some of the world’s most extreme weather conditions, including the highest ever recorded wind speed at 231 mph, annual snow fall of over 250 inches and temperatures that range from -47 F to 72 F.

When the observatory needed rolling doors that met extreme wind load requirements for its visitor’s center and transportation vehicle’s garage, they turned to the experts at Overhead Door of Concord. Ron Hewitt, vice president, OHD Concord, and Rich Sarno, technician, OHD Concord, installed four Stormtite™ Model 620 rolling steel doors to allow visitors to have access to the observatory, and one Stormtite™ Model 625 rolling steel door to house and protect the observatory’s vehicles.

“My wife, Shirley, and I love hiking, and have hiked to the top of Mount Washington in the past,” said Hewitt.  “That made this installation extra special for me.  I never thought I would be installing doors up there.”

StormTite Model 620 (Visitor's Center)

Stormtite™ Model 620 doors on the Sherman Adams visitors center

Rich Sarno (OHD Concord)

Rich Sarno, OHD Concord Technician

Overhead Door of Concord services the doors four times per year, scheduling visits for when the roads are passable and the building is not coated with ice.

Mount Washington Observatory is a private, nonprofit, member-supported institution with a mission to advance understanding of the natural systems that create Earth’s weather and climate. This weather station on the summit of Mount Washington performs weather and climate research and conducts innovative science education programs. For more information on the observatory, visit

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Overhead Door Adds Two Panel Designs to the Carriage House Collection

Last month, we introduced two new panel designs in our popular Carriage House Collection. The two designs, models 305 and 306, will give homeowners more unique choices for their garage doors.

Model 306 is a modified design that features wide middle panels and narrow panels toward the sides for a more progressive look. Model 305 features a flush panel with rails and stiles outlining each door section, creating a unique style that will compliment a wide range of homes.

O-RD-CarriageHouse-305O-RD-Carriage-306 (Models 305 and 306 in the Carriage House Collection)

Distinctive carriage house designs and superior insulated steel construction combine to create a harmonious balance of elegance and strength in our Carriage House Collection, and our two new models are no exception.

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Overhead Door Promotes Garage Door Safety Month

June means longer days and more outdoor activity in and around the house. It’s important for homeowners to keep their families safe while working around the largest entry point of the home – the garage. June has been designated Garage Door Safety Month by the International Door Association (IDA) and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA).

Insulated Garage Door from Overhead DoorThe garage door is often the largest moving object and most-used entry point of a home, which is why it’s important for homeowners to keep their garage doors and automatic opener systems in proper working condition.

Below are some industry tips and advice on how to keep your garage door and its opener working properly, and avoid accidents:

  1. Make sure the garage door opener control button is out of the reach of children and their small fingers and do not let them play with garage door remote controls.
  2. Never place fingers between door sections. Consider pinch-resistant door panels to help prevent accidents.
  3. Visually inspect the garage door for wear and tear. Pay particular attention to springs, cables, rollers and pulleys. Do not attempt to remove, adjust or repair these parts or anything attached to them. These parts are under high tension and should only be fixed by a trained garage door professional.
  4. Test the reversing mechanism by placing a 2-inch by 4-inch board in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the object, call a qualified garage door professional for repair. If the opener has not been replaced since 1993, replace the garage door opener with a new one that has safety beams and auto-reverse as a standard feature.
  5. While on vacation, unplug the garage door opener unit or use the vacation lock security switch on the wall console, which renders remotes unusable and is an optional accessory to most openers.
  6. Do not leave the garage door partially open. When activated again, it may travel downward and come in contact with an object in its path. This also compromises a home’s security.

 What tips do you have to stay safe during Garage Door Safety Month? Comment and share your ideas with us!


Once again, Overhead Door has earned the distinction of being the industry’s No. 1 garage door brand, as determined by Builder Magazine’s  2015 Builder Brand Use Study.

Now in its 20th year, Builder Magazine’s Builder Brand Use study is a survey of the nation’s largest homebuilders. It asks participants to rank garage door brands in four categories: brand familiarity, brand use during the last two years, brand used most and quality. This year, Overhead Door took the top spot in three of the four categories – brand familiarity, brand used most and quality rating.



The results of the 2015 Brand Use Study were announced in Builder Magazine’s April Buyer’s Guide issue. The publication is distributed to more than 10,800 builders across the nation. The study measures 83 different product categories ranging from appliances to windows.

For all of us at Overhead Door, we are honored knowing that Builder Magazine readers prefer our garage doors, are familiar with our brand and realize the quality of our products. This only reinforces our commitment to producing excellent and reliable garage door solutions, not only for consumers but also for homebuilders. We are looking forward to providing best-in-class products for many years to come.

Overhead Door Thermacore® Collection 5745, Model 903 in Golden Oak

Overhead Door Thermacore® Collection 5745, Model 903 in Golden Oak

Looking for a new garage door? Overhead Door took the top spot in three of the four categories – brand familiarity, brand used most and quality rating.

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