Meet Jamie Byrne: The New Vice President of Sales for Overhead Door


Meet Jamie Byrne, the new vice president of sales for Overhead Door. Jamie, who considers himself a family man, has a passion for working with industry leaders that have strong brands and integrity, because they have the customers’ best interest in mind. His strategic mind and love for working with a high-performance team make him a key addition to the Overhead Door family.

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Jamie grew up in Pittsburgh just a few steps from Heinz field, home of the Steelers, where his family has had tickets for nearly 52 years. He attended college at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and after graduating, worked for Trane, an air conditioning and heating manufacturer. After 20 years in the HVAC and air conditioning business, Jamie spent the past three as Senior Vice President for Mohawk Industries, an American flooring manufacturer, leading their hard surfaces division. He has nearly 24 years of experience working with every type of go-to-market channel and significant experience working with independent distributors. “My passion is working with family owned businesses and helping them develop profitable plans for growth. Many of my close friends own distributorships and dealerships in HVAC or flooring. I understand the dynamics of a family business especially in the building products industry,” said Jamie.


Jamie spent his first 90 days at Overhead Door traveling and spending time with many of our Ribbon Distributors, all over the United States. His take on Overhead Door?

“Overhead Door has the most committed distributors in the door industry by far, and some of the most committed people I have every worked with. They believe in the Overhead Door brand and they refer to their network as a family. These aren’t just words, they’re true feelings and a big reason why the legacy of Overhead Door is so powerful.”

Ingenuity. Passion. Perseverance. Commitment. These elements are what Jamie sees as the current driving force behind Overhead Door’s success in making the brand matter to the customer.

What’s Next?

This year, sales teams will be bringing new business to the table for Overhead Door distributors, focusing on business planning and development.

“To achieve success, our team will be sitting down with each distributor to develop a business plan for their specific market area. We’ve been training our team on business planning processes so we can be a better partner, helping our distributors identify the best opportunities for their business in their specific market,” said Jamie.

Jamie and his team’s goal is to improve their service and customer support to the distributors through these types of initiatives, ultimately hunting down new opportunities for Overhead Door Distributors to grow.

“There really is nothing stopping us.  We have the best brand in the industry.  We have the best distributors in the industry, and we have the tools to make this happen.  All we need now is action,” said Jamie.

Living the Legacy

As we celebrate our 95th Anniversary this year, Overhead Door has been very focused on our legacy and future. The theme of April’s annual distributor meeting, “Living the Legacy” is something Jamie wants to contribute to by helping strengthen the Ribbon network.  He plans to do this in several ways.

  • Improving quality: “Overhead Door should always be the best door available, and our distributors and customers should be able to rely on every door being right every time. We are laser focused on making this happen.”
  • New products: “What’s really exciting is the way these new products let us offer a robust selection of commercial, industrial, residential and high performance door solutions. There’s no reason for anyone to go anywhere else. We have the market covered.”
  • Making it all come together: “We have the right product solutions. With superior engineering, superior components and sold and installed by a superior Ribbon Distributor network. That’s a heck of a story to be able to tell and I’m proud to tell it.”

It’s clear that Jamie has big goals for Overhead Door, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the family. Together, we can all make this a great year. Our heritage has brought us this far, and the dedicated people at Overhead Door can help continue to make it better than ever.

“I live by the words I share with my two daughters, ‘Be good, work hard, have fun and do great things.  Have faith, trust and confidence, and believe in yourself and you will be a winner in life, business, sports or whatever you choose to do.’  It’s a message that being good to others, working hard and smart, and having fun along the way, will make life so much more enjoyable and meaningful.”

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2016: Overhead Door Turns 95!

Now that you’ve celebrated ringing in the New Year, join Overhead Door as we celebrate our 95th Anniversary! We’re excited to kick-off 2016 and share with you the history, and founding of our company. This year, we will be sharing some of our historic contributions to the industry over these 95 years on our blog. Today’s post will focus on our founder, C. G. Johnson and two of his many contributions to the garage door industry.

In the early 1900’s Henry Ford unveiled the Model T. This automobile was affordable, reliable, and had country roads and small towns in mind. The cost of the Model T made it affordable for the majority of the population. This boom in the automobile industry led several other car makers to start producing affordable cars, which made for even more car owners. With so many Americans now on the road they needed a place to store their newly purchased vehicles!

Carriage houses, originally meant to house horses and the carriages they led, had a new addition: the automobile. Eventually, carriage houses were phased out as more and more people purchased vehicles, and were replaced with garages. Early garages had side-opening panel doors which worked, but not in the most convenient manner. Seeing that these doors required double the amount of space to open, C. G. Johnson had an idea. In 1921 Johnson patented a sectional overhead door, and with that idea, a corporation was born.

To showcase this new invention, Johnson traveled to fairs and expositions with a prototype door attached to his Model T. With the help of new marketing tactics such as customer coupons and community bulletin boards, Johnson quickly established a network of distributors. Five years later, Johnson brought another invaluable piece of technology to the industry to help those who could not manually lift their doors: the electric garage door opener. These two inventions laid the foundation for Overhead Door Corporation, which has continued to be a leader in the industry.

Do you have an Overhead Door garage door? Comment below and share what inventions have made your life easier!

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New Overhead Door Products Offer Coastal Homeowners Beauty and Strength

Damage from hurricanes and tropical storms is a constant threat for homeowners in coastal and high-wind regions. For those who live in areas subject to Atlantic hurricanes, the risk is often even greater. Homeowners sometimes need to choose products for their properties that offer protection, but not necessarily the attractiveness they would like.

Luckily, coastal region homeowners no longer have to compromise beauty for strength when choosing a garage door. New Overhead Door residential wind load options let homeowners choose high style while still keeping their homes up to code.

Overhead Door’s three new comprehensive wind load garage doors feature superior craftsmanship, durability and additional protection against hurricanes, high-wind damages, pressure changes and wind-borne debris. These garage doors are designed to meet the nation’s strictest building codes, including those in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where high winds and hurricanes are commonplace.

Overhead Door Courtyard Collection® 7565, Model 920 in Almond/White finish

Overhead Door Courtyard Collection® 7565, Model 920 in Almond/White finish

While each garage door is designed to add beauty and enhance a home’s curb appeal, it is also designed to act as an important safeguard for residential structures. That’s because during high wind events, debris can become powerful projectiles that can damage the garage door, reducing the door’s ability to protect the home against damaging winds. Garage doors without reinforcement can buckle under the pressure, giving the high winds access to the interior of the structure. This often results in the roof members and wall panels being blown apart, allowing rain, wind and debris to have easy access inside.

Overhead Door Thermacore® Collection 5745, Model 903 in Golden Oak

Overhead Door Thermacore® Collection 5745, Model 903 in Golden Oak

Residents located in an area prone to high winds can count on WindStorm doors, ordered with proper wind load options, to provide reliable protection against high wind damage without sacrificing fine craftsmanship, durability and style. The Overhead Door Thermacore® 5745 and 5765 series and Courtyard Collection® 7565 series garage doors are foamed-in-place, steel and polyurethane constructed doors that come in a range of panel styles and carriage house designs. The garage doors feature a minimum wind load with optional upgrades that meet or exceed coastal region building codes, including the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), Florida Building Code (FBC), Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and Miami-Dade County building code.

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Decorating

We’re sure that this holiday season the inside of your home will be decorated with care – stockings, twinkling lights and a tree or a menorah will make your home feel festive as the holidays approach.  However, we think this year you should give your neighbors something to talk about. 

While many of the houses that line your street will be decorated with the standard wreath on the front door, lights on the bushes, or even a giant, blow-up Snoopy, this year you can set a new standard by decorating your garage door (tastefully, of course.) This large, blank canvas is the perfect place to add some holiday cheer to your home.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Hang a wreath or garland in the center of your garage door for a simple yet traditional look.
  •  Handy with wrapping paper? Wrap each section of the door with holiday wrapping paper and secure with duct tape. Finish it off with a large bow for some extra flair.
  • Use battery-operated or LED solar lights to add a cord-free glow to your door. If you’re feeling creative, use them to make a festive design like a Christmas tree or star.
  • Your white garage door works as a perfect projector screen. Use it to project a holiday-themed image or greeting at nighttime.
  •  Garage door magnets or decals are probably the simplest option. These come in a variety of sizes, from small to mural-sized, and can easily be taken down and used again year after year.


No matter how you trim your garage door this season, make sure safety remains your first priority. Keep decorations clear of hinges and check to make sure they don’t affect how your door opens and closes.

How do you decorate your garage door for the holidays? Leave a comment and let us know! Better yet, post a photo of your decorations to our Facebook page.