Meet Jamie Byrne: The New Vice President of Sales for Overhead Door


Meet Jamie Byrne, the new vice president of sales for Overhead Door. Jamie, who considers himself a family man, has a passion for working with industry leaders that have strong brands and integrity, because they have the customers’ best interest in mind. His strategic mind and love for working with a high-performance team make him a key addition to the Overhead Door family.

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Jamie grew up in Pittsburgh just a few steps from Heinz field, home of the Steelers, where his family has had tickets for nearly 52 years. He attended college at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and after graduating, worked for Trane, an air conditioning and heating manufacturer. After 20 years in the HVAC and air conditioning business, Jamie spent the past three as Senior Vice President for Mohawk Industries, an American flooring manufacturer, leading their hard surfaces division. He has nearly 24 years of experience working with every type of go-to-market channel and significant experience working with independent distributors. “My passion is working with family owned businesses and helping them develop profitable plans for growth. Many of my close friends own distributorships and dealerships in HVAC or flooring. I understand the dynamics of a family business especially in the building products industry,” said Jamie.


Jamie spent his first 90 days at Overhead Door traveling and spending time with many of our Ribbon Distributors, all over the United States. His take on Overhead Door?

“Overhead Door has the most committed distributors in the door industry by far, and some of the most committed people I have every worked with. They believe in the Overhead Door brand and they refer to their network as a family. These aren’t just words, they’re true feelings and a big reason why the legacy of Overhead Door is so powerful.”

Ingenuity. Passion. Perseverance. Commitment. These elements are what Jamie sees as the current driving force behind Overhead Door’s success in making the brand matter to the customer.

What’s Next?

This year, sales teams will be bringing new business to the table for Overhead Door distributors, focusing on business planning and development.

“To achieve success, our team will be sitting down with each distributor to develop a business plan for their specific market area. We’ve been training our team on business planning processes so we can be a better partner, helping our distributors identify the best opportunities for their business in their specific market,” said Jamie.

Jamie and his team’s goal is to improve their service and customer support to the distributors through these types of initiatives, ultimately hunting down new opportunities for Overhead Door Distributors to grow.

“There really is nothing stopping us.  We have the best brand in the industry.  We have the best distributors in the industry, and we have the tools to make this happen.  All we need now is action,” said Jamie.

Living the Legacy

As we celebrate our 95th Anniversary this year, Overhead Door has been very focused on our legacy and future. The theme of April’s annual distributor meeting, “Living the Legacy” is something Jamie wants to contribute to by helping strengthen the Ribbon network.  He plans to do this in several ways.

  • Improving quality: “Overhead Door should always be the best door available, and our distributors and customers should be able to rely on every door being right every time. We are laser focused on making this happen.”
  • New products: “What’s really exciting is the way these new products let us offer a robust selection of commercial, industrial, residential and high performance door solutions. There’s no reason for anyone to go anywhere else. We have the market covered.”
  • Making it all come together: “We have the right product solutions. With superior engineering, superior components and sold and installed by a superior Ribbon Distributor network. That’s a heck of a story to be able to tell and I’m proud to tell it.”

It’s clear that Jamie has big goals for Overhead Door, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the family. Together, we can all make this a great year. Our heritage has brought us this far, and the dedicated people at Overhead Door can help continue to make it better than ever.

“I live by the words I share with my two daughters, ‘Be good, work hard, have fun and do great things.  Have faith, trust and confidence, and believe in yourself and you will be a winner in life, business, sports or whatever you choose to do.’  It’s a message that being good to others, working hard and smart, and having fun along the way, will make life so much more enjoyable and meaningful.”

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Introducing OHD Anywhere™ Garage Door Opener App

OHD Anywhere Logo

Imagine the peace of mind and convenience that comes with being able to open or close your garage door from anywhere in the world. We’re excited to introduce Overhead Door’s new smart device enabled garage door controller: OHD Anywhere. Never worry again about giving your garage passcode to anyone. With the use of OHD Anywhere, it’s as simple as opening the app on your smart device.

OHD Anywhere allows users to operate up to three garage doors from any location. The app is compatible with most Android and Apple mobile devices. The ability to monitor your garage from afar is not only convenient, but also safer than traditional monitoring methods. Door-mounted sensors monitor the position of the garage door rather than the operation of a garage door opener. Users will be alerted to any change in position of the garage door even if it’s been disengaged from the opener.

garage console

OHD Anywhereworks through the use of your home Wi-Fi® connection, and can be programmed for use on up to three doors per module (additional sensors are required if you have more than one door). The door module incorporates the low-power SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCU from Texas Instruments (TI)* which allows for users to securely operate their garage doors. OHD Anywhere can be used with most garage door openers produced after 1993 (click here to see if your opener is compatible).


OHD Anywhereoperates via a free app that can be downloaded from your device’s app store (iPhone users click here, and Android users click here for quick access to download).

What would you use your app-controlled garage door for? Comment below and tell us!

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*SimpleLink is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated


Part II: Love and Garage Doors- Growing Families and Businesses Since 1921

We’re continuing the love fest with Part II of our Love and Garage Doors series. Meet four more of our amazing distributors in today’s blog. If you missed Love and Garage Doors Part I, read it here!

The McGraws

Overhead Door Company of Eugene-Springfield

Paul & Katie BurrellPaul Chris Alan Burrell

In 1986, Gordon McGraw bought Overhead Door Company of Eugene-Springfield to build a flexible life for his young family. In 2007, when he was ready to retire and enjoy his hobbies, the next generation was ready to step in. His daughters and their husbands, Katie and Chris Schnider and Sara and Paul Burrell, were ready to take on the very successful distributorship that Gordon had built. Katie and Paul took over day-to-day operations, while Chris eventually began to manage the commercial sales department and Sara continued her work in the community as a registered nurse. The group went on to win the Eagle Award from 2012-2014.

We asked them a few of their favorite things about working as Overhead Door Distributors:

“Seeing the impact we’ve been able to achieve in the community, not just from providing and installing garage doors, but helping others in the community. Whether it is through donating to a charitable cause, or donating materials and services for auctions and raffles, we’re blessed and fortunate to be able to give back. It has been as rewarding as any other element of being involved with this business,” said Chris.

“It is always memorable when we get to spend continuing our garage door education at conferences and meetings as well as socializing with other distributors,” said Katie.

Chris said he enjoys the business side of things, “Getting to see the whole picture of running a business. Instead of just one aspect, we get to delve into and make decisions regarding every part of our livelihood,” he explained.

The group sees changes toward viewing the garage door as a statement piece as an upcoming trend for their business. Being in a microbrewery capital, many are now showing interest in Full Vision doors. In addition, the group has seen a trend toward proactive safety measures, particularly when it comes to fire doors.

The Ross’s

Overhead Door Company of South Central Texas

OHD South Central Texas bcs-frontOHD South Central Texas corpus-front

When Jeff Ross lost his job to an organizational restructure almost 15 years ago he had to make a choice:  start working for somebody else or become his own boss. Now, he owns and manages three distributorships along with the help and support of his family.

His wife Lauri, whom he knew growing up, started out in inside sales and evolved to purchasing and inventory control. Mike, Jeff and Lauri’s oldest son, joined the family business almost 12 years ago and has worked in inside sales, estimating and now works as an operations supervisor. Danny, Jeff and Lauri’s youngest son, worked as a door tech while attending college and eventually moved to outside sales, branch manager, and now works in the material handling division of the company. Lauri and Jeff’s daughter-in-law Erica also started working in the business while in college, and now manages the company’s e-commerce and websites.

Owning a distributorship allowed the family to hire on Jeff’s father part-time making sales calls. These led to some of the most cherished memories the family has. Mike and Danny had the opportunity to work along-side and learn from their grandfather, who was very mindful of schedules, arriving early to sales calls and always being prepared.

“A family business is not without its challenges. One of the challenges is to make sure you treat all of your employees as family.  As long as people understand the rules and you treat everyone fairly and with respect, it’s not an issue,” said Jeff.

The Parmelys

Overhead Door Company of Riverton/Lander

Parmely.Chuck 1Parmely

Chuck and Cynthia Parmely met in 1981, when Cynthia began work as a bookkeeper for Chuck’s dad who owned the distributorship before Chuck and Cynthia took over in 1998. The two were married just six months later on April 3, 1982 and will be spending their 34th wedding anniversary at Overhead Door’s 95th National Ribbon Distributor Meeting!

Chuck has been in the garage door business since he was 10 years old, spending the past 37 years with Overhead Door Company of Riverton/Lander, “I was born into this business and I love the job,” said Chuck.

Chuck and Cynthia’s daughter, Ashley, followed in her family’s footsteps. This year will mark her tenth year with Overhead Door! “Even though we aren’t all related, it’s like we are all family here. We joke around with each other and the atmosphere is always light, fun and carefree,” said Ashley.

Some of their favorite memories revolve around that family bond with the entire distributorship. Chuck remembers an unexpected gift, the metal art with the Overhead Door logo in the pictures above, that meant a lot to him and Cynthia. The art was given to the couple by the employees at a company Christmas party a few years ago. This bond has transformed the distributorship from a one man shop to a 16-person business that has thrived for the past 37 years.

The Christophersons

Overhead Door Company of Bountiful

Christopherson Show Room 2SChristopherson

James and Ilona Christopherson were high school sweethearts. They’ve been in the business for 29 years and their son, David, also works as an integral part of the distributorship. This family has worked hard, and due to this hard work they have grown their business in 12 of the last 13 years, a milestone they’re particularly proud of.

“I wouldn’t be here today without my families’ help,” said James.

When asked about some of their favorite personal memories from working as an Overhead Door Distributor, they pointed to the people they have met at the company as well as other distributorships, who have become their friends and people they look up to.

We want to thank these special distributors for taking the time to share their stories with us. We’re proud to have the opportunity to work with all of our wonderful distributors.

Did you enjoy reading our Love and Garage Door series? Comment below and tell us!

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Part I: Love and Garage Doors- Growing Families and Businesses Since 1921

It’s the season of love and we love our distributors! This month, we’re sharing some of the stories of our Overhead Door Distributors who run their business as a couple or family. As many of these distributors know, working with family has its challenges but underneath it all is a bond that can’t be broken. We’re proud to be a part of family-owned businesses that make up an important part of our Overhead Door Community.

The Walkers

Overhead Door Company of Brunswick


Gene and Susan Walker have owned the Overhead Door Company of Brunswick for 22 years. Gene was hired and trained at the age of 19 at the Overhead Door Company of Savannah and started back in the garage door business when he returned to his hometown of Brunswick, giving him 35 years of experience in the industry.

One day, Gene attended a PTA meeting at a Brunswick school for his son, where Susan was introduced as a member of the Glynn County Board of Education.  Gene struck up a conversation after the meeting and before they knew it, they were the only two left in the building. During this conversation, Gene learned that Susan had a background in bookkeeping, and asked if she would like to help him out at the company. She agreed and the two were married two years later.

When asked what it’s like to work with family as a distributor, Susan said, “It can be challenging, but for the most part we enjoy working together.  We try not to step into each other’s areas and we always discuss and make large decisions together. The most important thing is to respect each other’s boundaries and keep a sense of humor.”

Working together and keeping a sense of humor appears to be working for the Walkers. The distributorship was recently featured in International Door & Operator Magazine as a top performing door dealer for their strategic planning, diversification and continued steps toward business efficiency and improvement.

While they continue to strive for improvements, their core focus remains the same. “We always offer a quality door, because you are doing the customer a disservice by selling them anything else. We practice good, fundamental customer service, and we always do what we say we’ll do,” said Gene.

The Attersons

Overhead Door Company of Everett

The Attersons have been in the garage door business a long time. Steve’s father started the business 50 years ago, bringing Steve on at the age of 16. His future wife Heidi stumbled upon this family business when she needed her car’s stereo installed, not knowing she would later become an essential part of the office.

“One of her friends was a friend of the family and recommended that I could help her install it. I installed that stereo and we have been together ever since,” said Steve. The family tradition continued when their son, Stephen, graduated college and came to work at the distributorship as well.

Steve considers his career as an Overhead Door distributor destiny. Even as a young boy, he would respond to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with, “I’m going to be an Overhead Door man!”

Working as a family is very special to the Attersons, and something they are most proud of. “Times have been good and times have been bad, but to make it through everything with your family still by your side brings you closer together.”

The Attersons see the changes with smart phone remote operation as one of the biggest trends hitting the garage door industry right now.

The Johnsons

Overhead Door Company of Bellingham

Johnsons '14

Michelle Johnson grew up with Overhead Door. For her entire life her dad, Delbert, had worked with the company. Jack had the opportunity to get in the business after he and Michelle were married, managing the distributorship for five years before eventually owning it for the last 18.

They decided to own the distributorship together, “Because we saw its potential, that it supported many families steadily year round and we’d heard that the Ribbon was so much like a family that we desired to be a part of that legacy,” said Jack.

Since they are always there to support, encourage and believe in each other, the couple credits their family bond to much of their success over the years, including receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award and hitting the Million Dollar Club.

“Working at Overhead Door has allowed us the opportunity to build relationships in the community and to invest back into the community through events and charities. It is an honor and privilege to represent the company at these events,” said Michelle.

The couple sees more modern looking residential garage doors and more sophisticated technology for operators as two of the biggest changing trends in their business.

Be sure to read Love and Garage Doors – Part II in the coming weeks, where we’ll feature three more Overhead Door families!

Do you run your distributorship with your partner, spouse or family? What is the best and most challenging part? Comment below and tell us!

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2016: Overhead Door Turns 95!

Now that you’ve celebrated ringing in the New Year, join Overhead Door as we celebrate our 95th Anniversary! We’re excited to kick-off 2016 and share with you the history, and founding of our company. This year, we will be sharing some of our historic contributions to the industry over these 95 years on our blog. Today’s post will focus on our founder, C. G. Johnson and two of his many contributions to the garage door industry.

In the early 1900’s Henry Ford unveiled the Model T. This automobile was affordable, reliable, and had country roads and small towns in mind. The cost of the Model T made it affordable for the majority of the population. This boom in the automobile industry led several other car makers to start producing affordable cars, which made for even more car owners. With so many Americans now on the road they needed a place to store their newly purchased vehicles!

Carriage houses, originally meant to house horses and the carriages they led, had a new addition: the automobile. Eventually, carriage houses were phased out as more and more people purchased vehicles, and were replaced with garages. Early garages had side-opening panel doors which worked, but not in the most convenient manner. Seeing that these doors required double the amount of space to open, C. G. Johnson had an idea. In 1921 Johnson patented a sectional overhead door, and with that idea, a corporation was born.

To showcase this new invention, Johnson traveled to fairs and expositions with a prototype door attached to his Model T. With the help of new marketing tactics such as customer coupons and community bulletin boards, Johnson quickly established a network of distributors. Five years later, Johnson brought another invaluable piece of technology to the industry to help those who could not manually lift their doors: the electric garage door opener. These two inventions laid the foundation for Overhead Door Corporation, which has continued to be a leader in the industry.

Do you have an Overhead Door garage door? Comment below and share what inventions have made your life easier!

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Overhead Door Shares Tips to Boost Curb Appeal on The Money Pit Radio Show

Improving or updating the look of your home is a popular topic no matter what the time of year. From DIY websites to radio shows, there are useful tips aplenty for homeowners. Recently, Overhead Door partnered with The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show, the nation’s only he said/she said home improvement team, on how your garage door can play a big part in boosting curb appeal.

The format of The Money Pit appeals to both men and women looking for home improvement sources and ideas. Tom Kraeutler, a home improvement expert, and Leslie Segrete, formerly of TLC’s While You Were Out, the hosts, take calls and questions from homeowners on topics ranging from roofing to repairing floors.

The Money Pit provides easy to understand answers on any home improvement, decorating or repair project. Tom, Leslie and their guests offer guidance on choosing the right products for each project, as well as safety tips and ways to save time, energy and money. They also provide advice on which projects should be DIY and when to call in an expert.

Overhead Door partnered with The Money Pit in three ways. We ran commercial spots educating listeners on the importance of utilizing your garage door when making enhancements to your home, we chronicled the installation of a garage door remodel through social media, and our Brand Manager, Ali Isham, will be on with Tom and Leslie later this month to talk about garage door trends, the value of a garage door remodel and more.

Post from The Money Pit

Post from Money Pit

For the garage door remodel, Overhead Door Company of Glen Falls replaced a non-insulated, warped and cracked 8’x8’ door with a Thermacore® Model 199 door in white with Stockton 1 windows.  The insulated steel door will improve the thermal efficiency of the garage space from the harsh winters and humid summers typically experienced on the East Coast. The home had just been painted, and the embossed wood grain texture of the door adds sophistication and beauty, complementing the overall look and feel.





Be sure to tune in to The Money Pit, which airs on 315 affiliates including WCBS in New York, on October 22 to hear Ali give great tips about garage door upgrades and learn how to help your customers choose the best door for their home.

For more information on Overhead Door’s new residential wind load rated garage doors, or to find an Overhead Door distributor, visit, like Overhead Door on Facebook, follow Overhead Door on Twitter or find us on Google Plus.

Do you listen to The Money Pit? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

The New 674 Security Grille: Security, Visibility, Air-Flow and Light in Stylish Aluminum

Commercial and retail property owners have an attractive new option for securing their interior spaces with the introduction of Overhead Door’s Model 674 Security Grille.

Engineered for inside applications, the Model 674 is a new perforated grille constructed from lightweight aluminum panels that provide security while maximizing visibility, air flow and light infiltration. This makes the Model 674 an ideal solution for securing interior retail storefronts in retail facilities, airports, stadiums, malls and multi-purpose buildings because it provides long-lasting high performance, but in a visually appealing package that won’t detract from its surroundings.


Both inside and out, the Model 674 is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example, its perforated aluminum curtain panels feature a clear, anodized finish or an optional PowderGuard™premium powder coat paint finish to match interior surroundings. Meanwhile, the grille’s counterbalance assembly is composed of heavy duty, helical torsion-springs enclosed in a steel tube. The Model 674 even features continuous wear strips on guides to ensure ease of operation and noise reduction.

You can find more information about the Overhead Door Model 674 Security Grille by visiting the security grilles page on our website, or by visiting your local Overhead Door distributor. Do you have questions about the Model 674? Leave a comment below and we’ll answer them.